Healing for All Relations

With Atabeyra* as our gathering place, Taino Woods Sanctuary is a community of people from all walks of life to gather and co-create a new world. 

Our mission is to bring healing harmony to All Relations by tapping into the Divine Love within ourselves. With the help of Atabeyra’s forest and sweet river waters, Taino Woods Sanctuary is committed to preserving, honoring, and evolving the ways of our ancestors.

TWS is located in the Catskills of New York, previously occupied by Lenape and Munsee peoples, alongside runs The East Monguap River – the river flows right on the land.

Here our guests can reconnect with Nature, bring to light their inner potential, and experience the power of the collective. Our focus is to support people who are suffering from trauma and addictions, who wish to find solace from the hustle and bustle of urban living, and who are seeking more joy and peace in their lives. 

Han Hankatu!**

*Atabeyra is the Taino word for Mother Earth
** Han Hankatu is the Taino phrase for “Let it be so”. 

Taino Woods Sanctuary Membership Program

Join our membership program today and become part of our community dedicated to preserving and honoring the ways of our ancestors while creating a more harmonious and connected world for all. 

By enrolling as a member, you’ll gain access to exclusive benefits and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. You will be supporting our ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of our land and contribute to a better future for generations to come. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of something bigger than yourself. 

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Make a Difference Today: Volunteer at Taino Woods Sanctuary

Whether you are interested in gardening, trail maintenance, or building projects, you’ll have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact by contributing your time, skills, and energy to our ongoing projects. 

We are committed to preserving and working alongside Atabeyra as She is our First Home.

The Taino Woods Sanctuary Effect

Members Share Their Stories

I fell in love with Taino woods way before it was an official sanctuary in written form. I knew it was a magical place and it was going to be a safe place for anyone who is interested in healing, expanding their connection to learning about their essence and their place in the natural world, experiencing its natural medicine that the caretakers Chantel and Jesse do so well protecting and nurturing as their life long mission.


Community Member

My experience with the woods & its people is a part of that evolution. Not only the land itself is magical but also the community I’ve discovered is a genuine treasure as I’m finding I can retreat there in order to rejuvenate, refocus, and return to the 3-D happier & more resilient. I hope to be a part of the family that Chantel & Jesse have created for a long time to come.


Community Member

TW has been a safe cradle to learn and reclaim our ancestral Taino practices and elemental wisdom. The land and her keepers, Chantel & Jessie have grown my heart and my survival skills immensely. Our gatekeepers walk with so much grace and wisdom and their arms are open to all nations of people looking for a tribe to call home. I’m truly beyond words, what I’ve experienced at TW can only be expressed in tears, smiles and laughter.


Community Member

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Your donation can make a significant impact on the work we do at Taino Woods Sanctuary, from preserving this sacred land to offering transformative programs to those seeking a connection with Nature and themselves.