Taino Woods Update – JUNE 2022

Tai mautia Familia, 

A Call for Support:

With the warm seasons upon us, Taino Woods has welcomed new and old faces to the Land for both service and enjoyment. To ensure we are prepared for our visitors and our ceremonies in the many weeks ahead, we are seeking volunteers to contribute their time, energy, love, and joy to Atabeyra. Starting today, June 3rd until Sunday June 11th, we will be on the Land, giving back to Mother Earth for all that she has given to us. We ask that you join us this week; spend some time with the friendly ferns and running River and assist Taino Woods in our growth and expansion. 

If you are near or far and unable to come to the Land, we humbly ask for your monetary support to our GoFundMe page: Taino Woods Rising. Your donations from last year have allowed us to start fixing our ATV, purchase a UTV and an incinerating toilet, as well as begin to cover the costs of setting up the campgrounds, and we are still a ways away. Let’s hit our goal of $11,000! 

A special shoutout to our most recent volunteers: Rita, Nicky, Michael, Kunante, Nadine, Somalia, and Lauren! Your hard work is greatly appreciated! 

Our Drumming Circle:

Next week, Friday June 10th from 5pm until 7pm, we will be hosting our second official drumming rehearsal! We are seeking community members who want to learn songs and drumming for ceremonial purposes. Through the upcoming week (June 3rd through the 9th) we will be hosting drumming practices for those who wish to gain a little more experience with the songs and melodies, or for those who wish to be on the land while they practice; to feel the inspiration of the Land. 

Can’t make it this week? We will be having two more rehearsals this summer on Fridays July 29th and August 12th from 5pm to 7pm as well. Join us for this amazing opportunity to expand and experience our community through the art of sound. 

The Powerful Teachings of the Master Plant: Tabaku (Tobacco):

On Saturday July 16th, “Tobacco Taita” Roman Guaraguaorix is offering a workshop for our Taino Woods community members to learn about the medicinal and traditional uses of the sacred tobacco plant. Only upon your interest and request will this powerful workshop be held. 

This is a one day event with a very early start on July 16th:

  • Kambo Ceremony: 7:30am-10:30am with a $75 donation
  • Purification Lodge: 11:30am-1pm with a donation of your choice
  • Tabaku Workshop: 2pm-6pm with a $100 donation 

Overnight stays are available and can be very instrumental in allowing your body to fully rest and be rejuvenated by the Woods to feel even more connected to Divine Energy. 

Purification Lodge:

Sunday June 19th, Father’s Day, we are curious to host a purification lodge to honor the Divine Masculine. We are seeking five to ten men who wish to be a part of a men’s circle who will participate in this ceremony to represent the Divine Masculine; and a small group of women who wish to facilitate the purification lodge in servitude to represent the Divine Feminine. 

To reserve your seat and learn more information about the Powerful Teachings of the Master Plant: Tabaku (Tobacco) Workshop, inform us about your interest in volunteering at Taino Woods, or to express your desire to attend our Father’s Day of Divine Masculinity Purification Lodge, email us at: Tainowoodsny@gmail.com

Until next time, Tribu.