Taino Woods Update – MAY 2021

Bomatum Family! Spring is in its fullness here at the Taino Woods Sanctuary. Life is blooming! Our small and mighty green fern friends are coming up more each day as they begin to cover the fallen leaves of last fall and winter. The leaves on the trees are bringing a fullness back to the forest. The Earth is becoming softer and more supple as she bathes in these ever-warming Spring days. The fairies (our birds) are singing and dancing more than ever as their families are growing. The next generation is joining the chorus with their little voices. We are so grateful to be able to watch Atabeyra (Mother Earth) grow and change so much. 

With these beautiful changes of Atabeyra, we have been inspired to make some of our own. We have finished the building of our newest and most luxurious campsite and deck: Okama Abon (Listen to the River)! Jesse, Chantel, and a handful of volunteers have put in many hours of hard work, dedication, and craftsmanship to place our newest campsite alongside our beautiful walk to the River. Okama Abon is the perfect spot to stay amongst the beauty of the land and listen to the River’s symphony all day and night. Our newest listing is up on our Hipcamp; we would love to have you. https://www.hipcamp.com/new-york/fairy-magical-sweet-land/okama-abon-river-view-taino-woods

In addition to this hard work, we humbly make a call to our community for assistance. To accommodate our guests and to prepare for the cooler seasons ahead, we must cut wood for our fire pits, stove, and future sweat lodge ceremonies. We are asking for volunteers to come to the land and cut the wood. We are interested in compensating you for your time. If you are available and interested, please either complete this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiViaLSHRHayOPkvjuLRG1o1Vv27FQxdv5kLM-XIZOJ_Ph5A/viewform or visit our website: https://tainowoods.wpengine.com/

As we all warm up to these sunny and lushly green and floral Spring days, we look ahead to the excitement of gathering. We have two events on the land in the upcoming weeks and we look forward to seeing you there. 

On May 29th and May 30th, Luna Sol~Rise will be hosting a Full Moon Activation event by the River. Tapping into our true essence with our plantcestor Mama Cacao in Ceremony as we remember who we are under the power of Grandmother Moon’s Energy to help us lighten the way to our truest self. Utilize some of the ancient healing modalities of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and a purification lodge to help us on our journey as we merge with nature. The Moon is known to us as the Flower Moon, so please bring flowers for our community altar. All are welcome to join Luna Sol~Rise for this beautiful weekend event. For more information, please contact: Lunasolmovements@gmail.com

On June 19th and June 20th,  Jesse, Chantel, Michael, and Graciela will be hosting a Tribal Gathering at the Taino Woods Sanctuary: We are All One. To honor the integration of all that is good of creation, all tribes are welcome. There will be music, art, food, story-telling, and more. Let us come together and celebrate the Summer Solstice. Our prepaid entry fee is $10, or $15 at the door. Payments can be sent via Cashapp: $Tainowoods or PayPal: tainowoodsny@gmail.com or PayPal.Me/Tainowoods or by Venmo: @tainowoods. Overnight camping is available for this weekend at a separate charge. For more information or to book your spot in the Summer Solstice celebration, please email us: tainowoodsny@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Thank you, Taino Woods Community, and many blessings.