The Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge , Kansi, inipi or Temazcal therapy is a powerful connection to the land and feeds us the awakening of our ancestral memory. But in addition to work for our spirit, this circle of medicine , gives us many benefits in the physical.

We now know that the Temazcal stimulates the lymphatic system, helps wash out toxins , as the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius skin becomes a third kidney , the high temperature to which we are exposed in a Temazcal conducive to the body to sweat , moisture does not allow sweat to evaporate , so the self-regulatory system of the body (sympathetic and parasympathetic ) answered ( homeostasis) circulation speeds up and sweat even more by eliminating the most toxins , the skin puts red indicating that excessive heat and cold are being expelled , achieving the required balance in the body, thus sweat more when we make any kind of exercise since, during and after the temazcal body metabolism reaches a like running or swimming long pace.

Also tones the skin , acts debugging respiratory and digestive system , tones the nervous system, helps in bone , muscle and gynecological and obstetric problems , it is an ideal vehicle that transports us to a state of inner peace and tranquility quieting the mind to experience the warmth of the bath and the healing properties of nature gives us through the various medicinal plants that are used in it .

Temazcal exceeds the benefit and efficiency to common steam , as the person in charge of Temazcal can raise or lower the heat , and adjusting to the specific conditions required, plus the steam created from herbal teas , herbs that are chosen depending on the situation . The heat must be higher than the normal body temperature induce perspiration , high humidity inhibits the evaporation of sweat cooling the body normally , it is estimated that each liter of sweat lost in the Temazcal is equivalent to the work done by the kidney in several days.

During an intense session temascal lost between 2 and 3 kg of body weight of which a high proportion of water is approximately 1,500 ml in a sweat session is lost through this terminal excretion increases metabolic products (toxins ) and uric acid , creatinine , urea , lactic acid , sodium chloride , also balances the acid-alkaline pH of the blood and aids in the removal of heavy metals are absorbed in modern societies , such as Zinc , Mercury, copper, lead and others. When sweat intensity is low , the concentration of these harmful substances is high.

Water is a great conductor of electricity , electricity from our body is the best where there is water , if we hinder the functions of the skin, cellular debris clog the vent system without leaving a dry skin energy .

By using cold water into the Temazcal as part of therapy , the body makes blood volume movement , through the heart, this gives way to a fairly brisk exercise circulatory ( contraindicated in severe heart problems ) , this is known by naturists as ” blood washing ” to cleanse the blood of impurities , stimulating the sweat glands , circulatory system and naturally improves cardiovascular deficiencies. In fifty minutes of bathing can eliminate one liter equal to one kg of toxins sweat.

Temazcal used medically related conditions internal cold has been of great importance especially in the treatment of female disorders , causes heat in the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, is indicated in infertility , pregnancy, post pregnancy , purification and fluid milk , and to regain firmness .

Hippocrates, the father of western medicine said ” Give me a fever and I will cure any disease ” induced hyperthermia through the Temazcal is comparable to a state of temporary fever which benefits greatly because it stimulates the defensive capacity against different types infections , the high temperatures also facilitate cellular repair and revitalization .

Today science knows that heat increases the functions of each organ and in particular the immune system , this way we can explain the wise action to raise body temperature (fever) in the presence of certain diseases or infections. The Lymphatic System is one of those responsible for the cleaning and purification of the body, of great importance for its cleansing action for the human body .

Temazcal stimulates the glandular system , especially the pineal and pituitary glands are known as the master glands , and glandular activity governing the whole body , such as the thyroid, adrenal , hormonal, sex etc. .

The steam produced inside the Temazcal when water is sprayed onto the hot volcanic stones to make a significant amount of ozone negatively charged , that by combining the action of tossing the bouquet of aromatic leaves eliminated alkaloids and their essences combined with ionizing energy produce more ozone science has discovered important therapeutic uses of ozone, its germicidal action inside the temazcal acts as a powerful natural antibiotic is highlighted.

The high presence of negative ion reactions in the body exerts promoting the aura ( electromagnetic bio- structuring pattern ) expands , manifesting radiant in all functions of the body including the brain. The aura is the one who directed the construction of the body in which we live and who we kept running , practicing Temazcal therapy allows and encourages this auric refresh the body intelligence .

The electric field through all the cells, organs and the entire nervous system, stimulating all physiological functions and metabolism , if the electric field is too weak , fatigue , listlessness and lack of vitality manifests . This is the main cause of fatigue and numbness that is felt when traveling in cars, planes, tanks , submarines and trains. The same happens when you work in an environment with air conditioning or heating often leave completely exhausted people , even if they do more than be sitting behind a desk , a person working in the field, the same hours with strenuous physical exertion, not exhibit this exhaustion to complete its work , the difference , the air quality.

The infrared rays emitted by the hot stones are especially useful in those conditions where these rays have shown its effectiveness and therapeutic benefits . The healing effects of infrared rays are very important and beneficial in the Temazcal is an alternative treatment of pain, very useful in the condition of rheumatoid arthritis , rehabilitation of joints affected by this disease , it provides great help to people with sciatica , rheumatism and in all diseases where required increase blood flow , reduces joint stiffness and pain, improves overall circulation and reduces stress.

Some of the benefits provided by the Temazcal :

– Relieves premenstrual discomfort

– Help to Lose Weight

– Helps eliminate toxins

– Benefits blood circulation

– It purifies the digestive system

– Desatrofia (sic ) muscles

– Decreases bone problems

– Filter airway

– Encourages introspection and reflection

– Loss liver disorders,

– Reduce the size of the cysts in the ovaries,

– Relaxes the nervous system reducing stress and anxiety ,

– Solve problems menstrual irregularity

– Tones the skin

The warming that is put on the body during bathing in the therapy of Temazcal , reaches high temperatures producing a series of reactions , including: stimulates the superficial and deep blood circulation, accelerate the frequency of heartbeat increasing its strength also generates the action of heat and active mechanisms regulating metabolism . It is effective to stimulate the internal organs method because the sweat in large quantities, discard accumulated toxins is said to aid in treatments for obesity to be a very effective addition to the loss of body fat , stimulates the basal metabolism simulating physical activity as you were exercising. Significantly improves the functioning of the skin and kidneys, as it stimulates the disposal of toxic substances to open and activate the skin pores .

Therapeutic Properties Temazcal

Reproductive system of the woman, this bath is recommended to take cold or malignant body heat . Most of the problems associated with the reproductive system of women has to do with the coldness , the Temazcal helps heating the ovaries , fallopian tubes and uterus , if we use hot herbs nature as Santa María , cinnamon , rosemary, pepper tree , pennyroyal, pericón and patchouli among others.

At present there are many couples who manage to get pregnant to regularly attend the Temazcal bath .

The traditional birth attendants used with pregnant women and preventive and curative care delivery environment, using the occasion to accommodate the baby for good birth , within the matrix Temazcal pregnant woman expands , making it much easier labor and delivery . Both the Mexican Republic , and Central America, the prehispanic bath with medicinal plants was used in these two important events in the life of a woman. After delivery is bathed several times a mother with medicinal herbs to its parent to contract and return to its original state. At this stage the bathroom is not as hot as usual , the heat temazcalero care not pass 40 degrees Celsius , not only the warmth of the place helps in labor, but the baby is in a similar environment in temperature , next year, and on the other parent is not exposed to cold and normal delivery , quiet pains, facilitates the exit of placental debris and toxins, stimulates the production and handling of milk.

The prehispanic bath is not recommended during the period of menstruation, but it is very useful and advisable to use it regularly as it is very useful in premenstrual syndrome (pain , irregularity, depression, swelling).

Heat has treated women recently and according to medical reports , cysts on their ovaries were larger in volume than the uterus , after a series of baths in the Temazcal , a considerable reduction of the cyst was found . A series of baths you ‘ll walk with infusions of herbs that is taken by the patient and preparing medicinal herbs suitable for infusion with which the stones are sprayed and are inhaled by bathers , not forgetting complying with the correct herbs for the bouquet with which to manipulate the hot air to the patient.

Immune disorder , AIDS and cancer : Heat is a means to produce stress protein , this appears organizing molecular activity , helping through regulation , they may realize , when a cell is different from the others , for their structure or size , this reaction is found when we are undergoing chemotherapy, when we are in a condition of viral inflammation, when we have a fever , swelling, etc. . When body temperature rises immediately there is a reaction , all of the cells , from bacteria to neuronal cells show an increase in the production of certain molecules that protect the damage caused by heat.

This was observed by biologists over 30 years ago. Studies show that being in a Temazcal session , the stressful therapeutic heat , may be able to generate proteins with immunological effect , scientific studies are still searching and trying to find out more about it. This could help in the treatment of cancer and other immune disorders , it is worth mentioning that when heated stones Temazcal emit radiant energy or heat radiation (infrared, ultraviolet) the quantity and quality depends on the temperature to reach the stones , the human body part it is capable of absorbing the radiation emitted by the hot stones .

Skin Effects : tones , regenerates and purifies the skin . This is the body’s largest organ and acts as a regulatory mechanism in the internal temperature of the body is provided with a mechanism of internal self- regulation where despite being in a higher average temperature of 40 ° C does not exceed 38 º C ( cooled to through sweat ) . The skin is like a third kidney, where the toxins accumulated in the body are eliminated. People living in contaminated media , may have clogged pores , these are activated by the therapeutic mechanism of Temazcal , the effects of high temperature , stimulating skin renewal , because it promotes peeling of the surface layer , activating the while protecting against skin infections through the formation of the acid mantle . If you apply aloe vera juice on the body before entering the bathroom, the results are favorable on spots and other skin problems .

Effects on the nervous system : It is relaxing and stimulating effect on the body , helps treat stress, insomnia, stress, etc. . It stimulates the hormonal system works as a blood cleansing eliminating toxins and impurities through sweat , automating the nervous system.

Effects on the respiratory system: Used to treat problems such as colds , bronchitis , emphysema , asthma and sinusitis. Cleans and clears the nasal passages and nasal at rising temperatures and steam combined with the aroma of medicinal plants , uncovering the airways. When heated the inhaled therapy occurs, with water vapor , vapor flowers and healing herbs , oils and detached from these rocks deposited during the ceremony place automatically flushing the airways.

Also active irrigation impressively , 7 times more than in normal conditions , blood flow , added this to the expansion of the lungs the bronchi facilitate expulsion of accumulated toxins increases.

Effects on the circulatory system : increases blood circulation , mobilizes blood and reaching the corners of the body. Facilitates the removal of toxins to dilate blood vessels and , as the elimination of uric acid and cholesterol , it is natural aid in treatments related to circulatory and cardiovascular diseases deficiencies . Through high temperature and boiling fresh water , a high degree of movement is achieved in the circulatory system ( blood washing ) , helping to correct problems of varicose veins , varicose ulcers, thrombus phlebitis , stroke, numbness in hands and feet high or low pressure , and other circulatory problems .

Effects on the Muscular System : The Temazcal bath first skin slowly heats the heat penetrates the subcutaneous tissue to muscle , this heat provides relaxing the muscular system , aids in the relief of muscle contractions (tightening of a muscle ) stiffness post ” chalking ” , backaches , muscular atrophy , pain in knees and ankles, among others, thanks to the effects of temperature and the volatile oils of the plants used .

Improved immune system : The prehispanic bath increases blood circulation and lymph, production Leukocyte (white blood cells ) in the body and clears the lymphatic system. It has been observed that people who regularly visit these baths of sweat and suffering from chronic or recurrent disease , decrease their suffering , realizing that if they get sick easily retrieved.

We now know that inducing perspiration has benefits in various treatments of diseases such as may be relevant to the reproductive system of women, dermatological , liver , circulatory , respiratory, immune , in problems of rheumatism , arthritis drop , as well as acute problems , aches, chills and muscle pumps . The prehispanic bath is perhaps the most effective healing technique of this type .

The Temazcal is working and present and involved the four elements, earth , when we are entering the womb symbolically to enter the Temazcal , the fire , we use it to heat the stones ( grandmothers ) , The air is present always around us and using the branch and finally the water, not to present it at the end is the least important , it transports energy throughout our body, if we lost 50% of it, not because this is we survived transported by blood and body fluids, means by which nutrients circulating through our body.

There are theories being studied where mentioned that water has the ability to copy and memorize information, to talk , pray or pray in front of it, or put music has been discovered that water changes its ” vibrational ” frequency greatly if we remember our ancestors worshiped , waved , prayed, sang and offered offerings , from this time the Indians were using this preferential and respectful treatment now is discovering the scientific backing