Breathe of Life

Since very ancient times the Taino people have recognized the sacred nature of the breath of living things. As humans we understand that the human ability to inhale and exhale is at the very center of the living process. The breath “hu” is so intimately associated with the concept of life that the Taino word “hu” is also the word for the sacred animating force that allows a human being to move and to be active.

In ancient times our Taino shamans (boitius) used their powerful spirit breath to inhale impure and malignant forces out of a person who was afflicted by Negativity. The shaman would then turn and cough or gag these negative forces into a gourd or other container and carry it out of the healing lodge. The modern boitius of contemporary Caney Spiritual Circle still uses this method for extracting Negativity out of a person.

The ancient Taino ancestors recognized another powerful use for the spiritual force of the human breath. That use was the expression of a sacred song. Singing is the expression of the soul in audible form. It is the way in which any human being can manifest spiritual power by simply exhaling in a very special way.

Anybody can express themselves in sacred song. A person does not need to be a professional singer to create a genuine manifestation of spiritual music with his or her voice. A person does not have to have a “nice” voice in order to raise a powerful prayer up to the Great Spirit using the sacred breath of his or her soul.

And so, this particular element of Taino Spirituality BREATH OF LIFE is most effectively manifested in the form of song and we in the Caney Circle urge all Tainos to learn the songs of the many groups and organizations that have arisen in the Taino REVIVAL. Most of these songs are beautiful and inspiring. They allow us Tainos to fulfill the promise of our spirit in audible form.

The Caney Spiritual Circle offers the opportunity to anyone who is interested to learn our songs and chants. These powerful musical prayers are available to you for free upon request. We will teach them to you so that you also can share in their blessing.

A group of contemporary Arawakan tribespeople assemble for a song ceremony to the rhythm of the maraka rattle.