🌞 July Newsletter: Embracing the Spirit of Giving and Growth

Tai Guey Taino Woods Sanctuary Community,

As we move through the heart of summer, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for the vibrant energy and the opportunities to connect, grow, and give back to our beloved Community and Land. Here’s what’s happening in July and beyond:

🥁 Medicine Drum Birthing Ceremony & Volunteer Weekend: July 13th – 14th

Experience the magic of creation at our Medicine Drum Birthing Ceremony on July 13th. Craft your own medicine drum under the guidance of DrumDoula Mia, and infuse it with your love and energy. Participants are invited to stay overnight and volunteer on July 14th to assist in the care and maintenance of the Land. For the Medicine Drum Birthing Ceremony with Mia DrumDoula, please register here through her website by July 11th, to participate and delve deeper into this sacred practice and confirm your registration on our Gatherings Page.

🔥 Volunteer Weekend & Purification Lodge: July 20th-21st

Join us on Saturday, July 20th through Sunday, July 21st for a special volunteer weekend dedicated to caring for the Land. This day of service will culminate in a Purification Lodge ceremony exclusively for those who volunteer during the Saturday workday. The sweat lodge will be held later in the morning, providing a sacred space for purification and renewal.

🌿 Nature Quest: Limited Spots Available

We have two spots remaining for Nature Quest a powerful, life-changing journey on August 16th – 18th. This is a once year, four-year commitment to quest into Nature for a two-night fast (Friday to Sunday) and offers a profound opportunity for prayer, reflection, and connection with Mother Nature supported by your community’s energy and prayers nearby.

As our chief always tells us, “Make your sacred space inviting to Spirits. Stay awake and alert, listening and watching for signs from the Natural World. Trust the Creator, trust yourself, and embody strength, compassion, respect, responsibility, accountability, and forgiveness for yourself.”

Participants who wish to attend the Nature Quest are required to participate in the mandatory volunteer weekends on July 20th-21st and August 10th-11th to demonstrate their commitment to this prayer for their life. Register now to secure your place in this life-changing journey.

🌸 Volunteer Weekend & Purification Lodge: August 10th – 11th

Mark your calendars for our upcoming volunteer weekend on August 10th – 11th. This event will also feature a Purification Lodge Ceremony for those who contribute to the Land. Connect and give back, and then benefit from the healing and transformative power of the sweat lodge.

🙏🏽 Thank You, Miguel & All: Summer Solstice Danza

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the unforgettable second annual Summer Solstice gathering. The spirit of community was truly inspiring, and we are deeply thankful for each of you.

A special thank you to the wisdom sharers, including Miguel Sague, Eddy, Angel, Elizabeth, Michael, NoName, and the children – Joel, Gabby, and Zane – whose presence and energy brought vibrancy to our celebration. We are also immensely grateful to our dedicated supporters, Daysi, Jason, Janiris, Soma, Jesus, Yuky, Ivy, Kayla, and many others, whose hard work made everything possible.

Despite the rain, the Long Dance, “Karaya Guey Guateke Arieto,” was a beautiful success, filled with commitment and love. Everyone remained grounded and in high spirits, making it a truly memorable experience.

Thank you for helping us preserve and evolve these beautiful traditions and for making our community so special. Bo Matum and Hahom to all!

Join us in these enriching experiences and continue to be a vital part of our community’s growth and harmony. For more details and to register for events, visit our website: Taino Woods Sanctuary.

In Calm-Unity and Reverence,

Taino Woods Sanctuary