🌞 June Newsletter: Embracing the Spirit of Summer

Dear Taino Woods Sanctuary Community,

As the warmth of summer envelops us, we invite you to join us in embracing the vibrant energy of the season with a myriad of enriching experiences. Here’s what’s coming up in June and beyond:

🌱 Volunteer Weekend & Tekina Meetup: June 1st – 2nd Kick off the month by immersing yourself in the beauty of the Land during our Volunteer Weekend on June 1st and 2nd. Dive into various tasks to prepare the sanctuary for upcoming events, and join our Tekina meetup for a soulful gathering of drumming and connection.

🎵 Tekina Rehearsal for Summer Solstice Danza: Friday, June 28th Prepare to dance to the rhythm of summer at our Tekina rehearsal on June 28th. Together, we’ll fine-tune our beats and melodies in anticipation of the upcoming Summer Solstice Danza.

🥁 Tekina Virtual Practices Join us for virtual practices on Wednesday, June 5th, at 7:30 PM, and subsequently on July 3rd. Explore the magical benefits of learning and remembering songs and drums from the comfort of your home.

🌅 Summer Solstice Danza with Behike Miguel Sague: June 29th – 30th
Celebrate the peak of the sun’s strength and the full vitality of Yoka Hu at our Summer Solstice Danza led by Behike Miguel Sague. This vibrant dance, honoring the sacred masculine energy, invites us to connect deeply with Nature and create unforgettable memories in the heart of our sanctuary.

The festivities commence at 9:00 AM on Saturday. Gather with us to listen to the story of this ancient overnight dance. For the day-pass registration, we kindly ask for a donation of $75 per person or $175 for a family of four. Your generosity contributes to the communal spirit, so please bring a potluck dish and drinking water to share, enhancing the sense of togetherness during this joyous occasion.

Extend your stay and fully immerse yourself in the weekend’s festivities by bringing your own tent and joining us from Friday to Sunday. To secure your spot for the extended stay, please express your interest by emailing us at events@tainowoods.com. A suggested donation of $125 for the entire weekend will contribute to supporting our efforts.

Reserve your spot today at Taino Woods Sanctuary.

🥁 Medicine Drum Birthing Ceremony: July 13th Experience the magic of creation at our Medicine Drum Birthing Ceremony on July 13th. Craft your own medicine drum under the guidance of DrumDoula Mia, and infuse it with your love and energy. Plus, enjoy a complimentary overnight stay with your commitment to volunteer on July 14th.

For the Medicine Drum Birthing Ceremony with Mia DrumDoula, please register here through her website to participate and delve deeper into this sacred practice; and confirm your registration on our Events Page

🌿 Nature Quest: Summer Meditation in Nature: August 16th – 18th
Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our Nature Quest experience this summer. Designed as a 24-48 hour overnight meditation in Nature, this sacred retreat offers a profound opportunity for prayer, reflection, and connection with Mother Nature.

Supported by dedicated volunteer firekeepers and kitchen caretakers, as well as around-the-clock support from loved ones, you’ll have the space to delve deep into your inner world while surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of our sanctuary.

Immerse yourself in the rhythms of the natural world as you commit to moments of quiet contemplation and communion with the land. Whether you seek clarity, healing, or simply a deeper connection with yourself and the Earth, the Nature Quest provides a nurturing environment for your spiritual journey.

With only four spots available, to inquire about participating in the Nature Quest, please register on our website: Taino Woods Sanctuary, and reach out to us at events@tainowoods.com. 

 🌞 Honoring Yoka Hu: The Essence of Summer Solstice

“As we honor the Summer Solstice, we pay homage to Yoka Hu, the embodiment of life and energy. From the gentle warmth of a baby’s breath to the fiery intensity of a bonfire, Yoka Hu’s essence is felt in all living beings and the sun’s transformative power.

In Caney tradition, the sun symbolizes Yoka Hu’s presence, while plants serve as conduits for transforming solar energy into nourishment. Wheat, rice, maize corn, and yuca are among the revered providers of sustenance, reflecting Yoka Hu’s life cycle from gestation to maturity and renewal.

As we celebrate the Summer Solstice, let us embrace the interconnectedness of all life and the eternal cycle of renewal guided by the wisdom of Yoka Hu.” (Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle).

In Calm-Unity and Reverence,

Taino Woods Sanctuary