Taino Woods Update – April 2021

Bomatum Family! Spring is upon us and Atabeyra (Mother Earth) is transitioning beautifully. Small yet bright green growth is beginning to cover the forest grounds before the fullness of the trees’ leaves come in. They bring tiny brightly colored flowers and the warmth of renewal into our hearts. Our friendly ferns are growing as the frogs and birds sing more loudly each day with the coming of this new season. The land is thawing, carrying the last of the snow melt to the River. The River has begun to dance with the gentleness of Spring; her remarkable sounds calling each visitor of the land to bask in her beauty, brilliance, and purification.

With these great seasonal changes comes great responsibility, and a great call for volunteers. We have fulfilled three work weekends with our volunteers! And with their great help, we have begun building a deck alongside the stone walkway to the River; collected stones and tree branches for our walkways; and we have successfully built a platform beneath our now fully raised bell tent! To continue our preparations for the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, we have several work weekends ahead in which we kindly ask for volunteers to help in collecting kindling; wood to be split; and stones for all of our ceremonies and for the fireplace in the Maloca. If you are interested in helping on the land, please either complete this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiViaLSHRHayOPkvjuLRG1o1Vv27FQxdv5kLM-XIZOJ_Ph5A/viewform or visit our website: https://tainowoods.wpengine.com/

It is time! The Taino Woods Sanctuary is now available to book for camping! We currently offer booking for a single campsite or the entire campgrounds for a more private experience. More information about our campsites as well as our offering of special accommodations and services can be found here: https://www.hipcamp.com/en-US/discover/new-york/fairy-magical-sweet-land

We hold deep gratitude in our hearts to all who have donated to the care and construction of The Taino Woods Sanctuary via our GoFundMe campaign. We are halfway towards our goal of raising $7,400. Raising this money will help us greatly to invest into the preservation and ultimate consideration of Atabeyra (Mother Earth) as we continue to develop and inhabit Taino Woods. With your donations, we have purchased two chainsaws, gravel, cement, and other supplies for our new deck. Together, we are molding Taino Woods into a truly magnificent space for all to release, heal, and renew. We graciously ask for your help to make a donation and share our GoFundMe campaign with your family, friends, and community: https://gofund.me/2e095285 

Keep on our upcoming “Gathering of the Indigenous” Summer Solstice event on June 19th through the 20th. A variety of people, rooted in their Indigenous ways, will come together to share their traditions, dances, foods, arts, stories, and music. To any and all who may be interested in being a facilitator, vendor, or an attendee, click here for more information. 

Come visit; observe; return home; and celebrate this season of efflorescence at the Taino Woods Sanctuary.