Taino Woods Update – April 2022

Anakonwa’se Itaino, 

We have made it to the start of the warm seasons, the Spring Equinox; and as the forest floor foliage push through the heavy wet Earth, and the buds on the trees strive to become flowers, we too are called to show up for Atabeyra through the community work needed at Taino Woods. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

The time is NOW to prepare the land for the warmer weather ahead of us; to ensure that Taino Woods is fully stocked and accessible for our community events and guests to visit this Spring, Summer, and Fall. Working in and with Nature has a powerful effect on all of us. Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies benefit from committing to this physical labor; a movement meditation that not only supports your personal being, but outpours to our community members, our seasonal guests, and Mother Earth. We graciously and passionately ask for your volunteerism in this month of April. The following volunteer work weekends include: April 8th-10th, April 15th-17th, April 22nd-24th, April 29th-May 1st.

New Structure:

We are taking a new approach by providing some structure to our work weekends. Check-in for the work weekends will be Fridays between 4pm and 9pm. We highly recommend our volunteers to come to the land on Friday as we will have an early start on Saturday. If you are unable to make it on Fridays, we encourage you to arrive on Saturdays by 8am. Work weekends will wrap up at 2pm on Sundays. 

On the agenda, we have prioritized cutting down trees and cutting and storing firewood; finalizing the water routing of the trench; and building the Atabeyra Bell Tent. Volunteers for work weekends will be compensated by staying on the land for free as well as participating in our drumming and song circles. At this time, only volunteers who attend the work weekends will have access to the drumming and song circles. 

If you are unable to volunteer your time and physical body, we humbly ask for your donation to our GoFundMe page: Taino Woods Rising. Your monetary donations will contribute to the equipment necessary for maintaining and growing Taino Woods into the community space of our collective dream. 

Purification Lodge: 

The weekend of April 29th-May 1st, we are calling to all those who wish to contribute to the building of a new purification lodge. That weekend we will be gathering, cutting, and soaking the samplings; we will be building the lodge and hosting a sweat directly afterwards in honor of this great achievement. Please come prepared to participate in the sweat and join us for this ceremonial tradition.

Many Thanks: 

A special shoutout to Rain, Nicky, Careen, Jessenia, and Michael! This special group helped Taino Woods by building the trench, cleaning up the land, and bringing song, love and laughter. You are our light; thank you for showing up for the community!

We look forward to seeing you on the land. 

Teketa Anxihi.