Taino Woods Update – February 2024

Dear Taino Woods Sanctuary Family,

As February graces our lives, we’re excited to share the warmth of community love with you. This month’s newsletter is all about bringing the sacred into your home, offering spiritual support, and providing a sneak peek behind the scenes as we prepare for an incredible year at Taino Woods Sanctuary.

At-Home Ceremony Practice
Taino Water Ritual: A Daily Refreshing Ceremony

Start your day with this sacred water purification ritual to connect with the spirits and set a positive intention for your day. Before stepping into your shower or bath, prepare for this ceremony:

  1. Morning Focus: Choose a consistent time for this ritual. As you begin, think of it as a sacred act, one that brings you closer to the spirit realm.
  1. Directions: Know the placement of the four directions (North, South, East, and West) in your region before you start.
  1. The Ceremony:
  • Fill a cup or bowl with water.
  • Face the South and think of Open Mindedness. Pray to ACHIANO (Ah-Chiah-Noh) for this quality. Pour the water over yourself, anointing yourself with Open Mindedness.
  • Face the West and focus on Inner Vision, the ability to look within yourself. Pray to KOROMO (Koh-Roh-Moh) for this quality, then anoint yourself as before.
  • Turn to the North, thinking of Wisdom and Experience. Pray to RAKUNO (Rah-Ku-Noh), anointing yourself.
  • Finally, face the East, focusing on Illumination or Enlightenment. Pray to SOBAIKO (Soh-Bye-Koh), then anoint yourself.
  1. Timing: Perform this ceremony at the beginning of your day, no matter the hour. It’s about starting your day with intention.
  1. Enhancements: You can enhance this ritual by burning tabonuco incense (copal) and smudging the water bowl. Consider meditating beforehand, requesting cleansing and vitality from your ancestors, Yoka Hu, and Ata Bey.

Performing this basic water purification ritual will help you begin your day positively, providing strength and confidence to face whatever comes your way.

Spiritual Support
“In the midst of chaos, find stillness within.”

In these uncertain times, remember that your sanctuary is wherever you are. Pause for a moment daily, close your eyes, and connect with your inner self. Find strength in your breath, and let it be a reminder that you are part of the sacred dance of life.

We’re hard at work preparing a year filled with transformative gatherings, healing ceremonies, and opportunities for growth. Our team is crafting new experiences, enhancing our spaces, and expanding our community. Stay tuned for exciting updates and surprises!

Sacred Smudging and the Guardians of the Moon Dance
Chantel is embarking on a spiritual journey to Costa Rica this February to participate in the transformative Moon Dance Ceremony. She will experience the profound energy and healing of this ancient tradition as Chantel has been asked to be the Sahumador:

In the Moon Dance ceremony, the Sahumador, a chalice incense smudge, and the Sahumadoras women are key figures. The Sahumador, known as Popochkomitl in Nahuatl, is a vital prayer instrument.

This vessel symbolizes feminine energy and nurtures the chantico, the ceremonial fire. It unites the four elements: Earth in the clay vessel, Water in its moisture, Air in the drying process, and Fire in the final transformation.

Smudging is a potent spiritual practice that purifies an individual’s aura, raising their vibration beyond the daily. The Mexica tradition uses a clay Sahumador with copal resin and Tabonuco tree resin.

Sahumadoras, women who have danced for years, serve as guardians. They light the ceremonial fire and protect it. Positioned at the Dance Circle’s four directions, they envelop us in sacred smoke. Personal or traditional prayers are offered for cleansing and guidance.

This practice ensures we start ceremonies with pure energy, connecting deeply with the spiritual realm.

Embracing Community Love
As we embrace the energy of February, let’s hold each other close in spirit. Reach out to your fellow community members, share your experiences with the at-home ceremonies, and know that we’re here, supporting each other on this sacred journey at tainowoods.com via our Taino Social chat!

With love and gratitude,

Taino Woods Sanctuary