Taino Woods Update – January 2022

Happy Winter Solstice Familia!

Join Us:

On Saturday January 15th, we are having a purification lodge to honor the Winter Solstice; a gathering to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty, quietness, healing, and blessings that this season embodies. The Full Moon is a powerful time to relish in deep gratitude for Atabeyra and Creator, and recommit ourselves to what matters most. Aho! 

The fire will be lit at 8am sharp. Dress very warmly; be sure to wear layers. To reserve your spot, email us at tainowoodsny@gmail.com; we are almost at capacity! Your assistance in preparing the ceremony, and your company will be greatly appreciated. This is our only purification lodge for the Winter. 

Looking at the Year Ahead:

Over these next winter weeks, keep your eyes open for the exciting and expansive changes happening at Taino Woods! For those seeking to learn and honor the traditions of the purification lodge, we will be hosting a Purification Lodge Apprenticeship; and for those searching to share in song and sound, we will be seeking community members (Tekinas) who wish to learn traditional Taino and other Indigeneous songs and drumming. We are honored to have Micahel Casiano the Artist to introduce and share his new PowWow drum with Taino Woods this Spring. Taino Woods is expanding not only across the land but within our community. 

In the Meantime:

With Moon Dance upon us in Costa Rica, Taino Woods will gently close at the end of January and reopen in March. 

We look forward to growing with and alongside you, our wonderful community. 

Seneko Kakona – Many Blessings!

Han Hankatu.