Taino Woods Update – June 2021

Tai Mautia & Mabrika! Good Morning and Welcome to the Taino Woods family!  

On June 19th through the 20th, Chantel, Jesse, Michael, and Graciela will be hosting a Gathering of the Tribes: We are All One event at the Taino Woods Sanctuary. To honor the integration of all that is good of creation, all tribes are welcome. Let’s celebrate the Summer Solstice together with the joys of music, art, food, story-telling, and more. Check out the details of our event here: Our Facebook Event’s Page and if you are interested in attending, please fill out this form: Attendees Check-In Form.

Volunteers for the Gathering of the Tribes Event

We are seeking volunteers to assist us in hosting the Gathering of the Tribes event. Assistance will be needed for managing guests’ parking and for caring for the kitchen, garbage, and bathrooms. In exchange for your service, we will remove the door charge and include an overnight stay at the Taino Woods. This event and the Taino Woods could really benefit from your assistance. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this form: Taino Woods Volunteers Form.

Gathering of the Tribes Event

Our Summer Solstice Tribal Gathering is just nine days away! As a gathering to celebrate that we are all one, we ask that you attend, bring a friend or loved one, and share in the beauty that is the Taino Woods and our fellow brothers and sisters. A variety of artisans will be joining us. Each one provides a specific craft and service that brings value to our personal lives and our gathering. These artisans include: Reina Williams, Karainwater Godastsis, Yaqui Rodriguez, Emily Gonzalez Ulloa, Katya Vasilyeva, Nicola Rosado, Somaliah, Sister BLU Shampayne Owens, Michael Casiano (Yomoca Guakaraku), Chantel Rivera (Guatu Ninaru). The crafts and services that they each provide can be found on the flyers attached to this newsletter. We encourage you to attend, seek community, share art, music, food, and healing, and enjoy the view of being in good company on this beautiful land. 

Coming Soon

We have two sweat lodges coming up this summer! On July 17th, the New Moon Sweat during which we set our intentions; and on August 22nd, we will host a Full Moon Sweat during which we focus on receiving all of you within you. For more information or to book your spot, please email us: tainowoodsny@gmail.com.