Taino Woods Update – June 2023

Tai Mautia Taino Woods Community!

Exciting News
We’ve just launched our fantastic new website: www.tainowoods.com; and we can’t wait for you to explore it!

Immerse yourself in this virtual haven where you can discover the magic of our captivating gatherings, sacred ceremonies, and our magical Taino Woods Sanctuary!

We’ve also created something special exclusively for our incredible community members: Taino Social, a vibrant online hub where you can connect, share, and bond with like-minded souls. It’s the perfect place to create your unique profile, join lively groups, and even start your own pages. And guess what? It’s absolutely free until September!

By becoming a member of Taino Woods Sanctuary through our website, you have access to a variety of benefits and support our mission. Enjoy free gatherings, volunteer opportunities with free camping, a complimentary bundle of wood for camping, priority registration for ceremonies, exclusive discounts, and more! Your membership also helps improve our website and supports land maintenance. 

We can’t wait to welcome you to Taino Woods Sanctuary online!

Calling All Amazing Volunteers
Are you passionate about gardening and technology? Do you enjoy working with your hands and being part of meaningful projects? 

We have an exciting opportunity for you to join us on the Land!

The Land is calling for volunteers to help us move forward with various projects, including gardening, wood splitting, and tipi set-up. If you have experience or a keen interest in using chainsaws, wood splitters, wood chippers, or ATVs for hauling wood, we’d love to have you on board. Carpentry and gardening skills are always welcome and appreciated!

Mark your calendars for our upcoming June and July Volunteer Weekends:

  • June 16th – June 18th
  • June 30th – July 1st
  • July 7th – July 9th
  • July 14th – July 16th
  • July 21st – July 23rd
  • July 30th

If you are unable to attend the entire Volunteer Weekend, please do consider volunteering for the day. Every bit helps. 

Your involvement as a volunteer is crucial as we strive to expand our healing and prayer services and create more opportunities for gathering. To sign up, simply email us at tainowoodsvolunteers@gmail.com with your availability.

If you’re looking for a more long-term commitment and want to be part of our expansion efforts, we are also seeking dedicated Team Members. Whether or not you’re able to physically be on the Land, your passion and support are valuable to us. Please email us at tainowoodsny@gmail.com to express your interest.

Together, let’s make a difference and create a space of healing, connection, and unity.

Invitation to Purification
While we are slowing down our ceremonies due to a wood shortage, we’re excited to announce a few special events for you to join us in prayer and purification. 

Please note that these June lodges will be our last lodges until August, so mark your calendars and register early to secure your spot.

  • Saturday 6/3/23: Essex County College’s Native American Cultural Experience and Strawberry Full Moon Purification Lodge
    • Limited availability – register by Friday June 2nd!
  • Weekend 6/23/23-6/25/23: Summer Solstice Dance with Behike Miguel Sague
    • Sweat Lodge will be held on Saturday 6/24/23
      • Register by Tuesday June 20th

Reach out to our volunteer coordinators via: tainowoodsvolunteers@gmail.com for our July Volunteer Weekends!

  • Saturday 8/19/23: Blue New Moon Setting Intentions
    • Register by Wednesday August 16th
  • Weekend 9/29/23-10/1/23: Fall Equinox Danza with Behike Miguel Sague
    • Sweat Lodge will be held on Saturday 9/30/23
      • Register by September 26th

To register for our purification lodges or inquire about overnight accommodations, email sweatlodge@tainowoods.com. Please note that overnight stays are not part of the purification lodge ceremony, but we can assist you with accommodations needed by emailing tainowoodsny@gmail.com.

Summer Solstice Dance in Honor of Yoka Hu

“The cycle keeps moving clockwise up to the top position at the Summer Solstice when the sun is at His highest strength and Yoka Hu reaches full maturity and vitality.”

Embrace the vibrant masculine energy of the Summer Solstice Dance led by Behike Miguel Sague and create unforgettable memories in the heart of nature.

This year, we have something truly special planned as we will learn the amazing Guaitiao Dance. 

The festivities kick off at 9am on Saturday, but we’re in for a treat as our esteemed guest will be joining us on Friday. We will gather to listen, learn, and appreciate the history, significance, and story of this traditional dance and solstice prayerful gathering. There will also be a purification lodge proceeding the dance.

For the day-pass registration, we kindly request a donation of $75 per person or $175 for a family of four. We encourage you to contribute to the communal spirit by bringing a potluck dish and drinking water to share, enhancing the sense of togetherness during this joyous occasion.

If you’re interested in extending your stay and fully immersing yourself in the weekend’s festivities, we welcome you to bring your own tent and join us from Friday to Sunday. 

To secure your spot for the extended stay, please express your interest by emailing us at tainowoodsny@gmail.com. A suggested donation of $125 for the entire weekend will contribute to supporting our efforts.

Embrace the Power of Sound
Our Tekina Circle, our drumming and song group, is currently seeking novice and experienced musicians alike!  

This extraordinary group is open to all, completely free of charge, and we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to be part of this sacred community space as we learn Taino, Spanish, and other indigenous songs to bring to our ceremonies, like the upcoming Summer Solstice Dance. Through this beautiful journey of song and rhythm, we honor our ancestral heritage and connect deeply with the spiritual essence of our traditions.

The awaited arrival of our PowWow Drum has finally graced Taino Woods Sanctuary! We witnessed the Tekinas, united as one, play harmoniously during our recent gathering on the weekend of May 20th, activating the heartbeat of Taino Woods Sanctuary!

And mark your calendars for our next Drum Meet on June 23rd (the day our Behike Miguel Sague will arrive in preparation for our Solstice Dance), as we come together once again for a prayerful practice.

Come by to offer tobacco to the sacred Buffalo (heart) drum and connect to its beautiful sound. Han Hankatu! 

Let the rhythmic melodies resonate within our souls as we embark on this musical journey, enriching our spirits and uplifting our collective energy; contact us via tainowoodsny@gmail.com with your interest. 

Moon Dancers
To our incredible Moon Dancers at BDS (Blossom Dell Sanctuary), we want to extend a heartfelt shout-out to your participating in the Nanixi Temikimetzli Moon Dance NY. A special prayer goes out to our core team, Somaliah, Janiris, Nohelani, and Jackie, and to Abuela Kunante, as well as all the sisters and brothers who are dancing and offering their support.

We commend your unwavering commitment and dedication to preserving and honoring the beautiful indigenous traditions. As you embark on these four nights of dance, we send our blessings for a powerful and transformative experience. Your prayers and movements not only touch your own lives but also have a profound impact on the collective, as we strive for strength and liberation together.

We celebrate you and express our deepest gratitude for your remarkable contributions to the well-being of our planet and the elevation of human consciousness.

Han hankatu and Seneko Kakona! 

An Honor 
A special shout-out to Chantel and Jesse for their remarkable recognition in the 13th Annual Taino Awards Ceremony! We are proud to announce that Chantel and Jesse have been bestowed with the prestigious Anakaona Land Keeping Award, celebrating their outstanding achievements and contributions to the Taino community.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Chantel and Jesse for their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in nurturing and preserving the Land and traditions of our beloved ancestors. Their passion and commitment have been instrumental in creating a thriving sanctuary that embodies the spirit of the Taino people.

For more details about this momentous event, please refer to the attached flyer. Let us join together in congratulating Chantel, Jesse, and the entire Taíno Woods Sanctuary community for this well-deserved honor.

Han hankatu and Seneko Kakona!

In the Expansion of Love and Infinite Gratitude, 

Taino Woods Sanctuary