Taino Woods Update – March 2022

Hola Taino Woods Community!

We miss you. We miss you. We miss you. 

We are nearing Spring; and with all of Mother Nature’s beautiful floral and fauna reminders of rebirth and restoration, we are most looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces on the Land once again!


On Saturday March 12th at 2pm, we invite you to join us for our Blessing of the Powwow Drum! The Blessing will be led by Chief Roman Guaraguaorix, also known as Red Hawk. This drum will be used for our song circles and ceremonies throughout this upcoming year. In honor of this gathering, we will be offering and we encourage you to bring tobacco for blessings; monetary donations that will be distributed to Chief Roman for his travels and services, the cost of the Powwow Drum, and to Taino Woods for hosting this service; and please bring a communal food dish to share a meal together. In addition, we encourage you to bring your own drum as this blessing will become even brighter as we share in song together. (And bring a chair to sit in as we share space together!) There will be plenty of wood and propane to keep us in a warm space as we connect in community and blessing. 

Seneko kakona to our dear Michael for blessing Taino Woods with this drum; and to Roman for his blessing. 

Spring Cleaning:

As we all clean our inner and outer spaces for this seasonal change, Taino Woods is seeking a tidying as well. For the upcoming weekends, we are humbly seeking your assistance in the following tasks: building a sweat lodge by the River; bringing down dead trees, cutting firewood; digging a trench; and preparing our garden. The Spring Clean Volunteer Weekends include: March 26th-27th, April 9th-10th, and April 16th-17th. Your help will not only greatly impact the growth and expansion of Taino Woods, but it will provide you with a private Taino Woods experience; the opportunity to see the Land as Jesse and Chantel do; full of life, connection, and purpose. We will cover your stay on the land as a thank you for your service. 

Your Offering: 

Taino Woods is raising funds to purchase an excavator, build our sweat lodge, gather supplies for our Spring and Summer ceremonies, and prepare the land for all of us to return to. Your heartwarming donation to our GoFundMe page: Taino Woods Rising will help us to achieve just that. Thank you for helping to build and maintain this community space for us all. 

Moon Dance:

Jesse and Chantel have returned from their voyage to Costa Rica for the International MoonDance Ceremony. “It was the best danza ever!” said so many women from all over the world. There was an abundance of prayer, dance, laughter, healing, and beauty. We can’t wait to bring similar ceremonies to Taino Woods! 

All the love, familia. We can’t wait to be together again.