Taino Woods Update – MAY 2022

Tai Guey Taino Woods Tribe!

Taino Woods is Growing:

As we look to the warmer months ahead of us, we are so excited to be working with our most dedicated volunteers in preparing the land for our prospective members and our community events. With trees beginning to blossom and our fractal fern friends popping up, Taino Woods has gained a freshly-made gravel driveway, a working trench, and a new purification lodge!

We have also been changing from the inside out – and we can’t wait to share more of that with you in the months to come! 

In the meantime, we are seeking community members who would like to invest more into Taino Woods by fulfilling specific community roles. Here are a few of our open positions: 

  • A Social Media and GoFundMe page promoter: This person is responsible for daily monitoring and posting on our social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook; as well as maintaining and expanding our outreach for volunteers, upcoming Taino Woods events, and fundraising via our GoFundMe page: Taino Woods Rising
  • Tekina: This person oversees the teaching of new and old tribal songs, dance, culture, etc. S/he offers advice on the culture of the community and helps to maintain the community’s culture and mission. 
  • Tukada: This person/people are responsible for supporting community members when disagreements or other issues arise amongst the community members. S/he is someone whose primary focus is to support each of the community members in resolving conflict in the most sincere way. 
  • Tribal Community Outreach: This person/people are the tribe’s liaisons in which they are responsible for communicating with outside organizations, programs, and tribes in order to collaborate in hosting and attending events and services that are symbiotic – good for all of us.  

If you are interested in applying to or learning more information about these community roles, please email us at: tainowoodsny@gmail.com.

Drumming and Song:

Taino Woods is currently putting together a group of community members who wish to learn songs and drumming for ceremonial purposes. If you are interested in getting involved, please email us at: tainowoodsny@gmail.com. We will be having the following rehearsals: 5/20/22, 7/29/22, and 8/12/22. 

Tabaku Workshop:

July 16thThis will only happen if we receive enough interest. Taino Arcabuco will be honored with the presence of the “Tobacco Taita” Roman Guaraguaorix; he will bless us with a workshop to bring in the Powerful Teachings of the Master Plant: Tabaku (Tobacco). In this workshop, you will learn about the medicinal and traditional uses of this sacred plant, its history, and much more! Kambo medicine, a powerful medicine that comes from a type of Amazonian frog which aids in boosting our immune systems, clearing out what no longer serves our minds, bodies, and spirits, will be offered to those who feel called to sit. 

This is a one day event with a very early start on July 16th:

  • Kambo Ceremony: 7:30am-10:30am with a $75 donation
  • Purification Lodge: 11:30am-1pm with a donation of your choice
  • Tabaku Workshop: 2pm-6pm with a $100 donation 

Overnight stays are available and can be very instrumental in allowing your body to fully rest and be rejuvenated by the Woods to feel even more connected to Divine Energy. 

To reserve your seat and learn more information about this Powerful Teachings of the Master Plant: Tabaku (Tobacco) Workshop, email us at: Tainowoodsny@gmail.com. It will be a $20 donation to hold your spot; and additional donations will be required for the cost of the workshop as well as the purification lodge as mentioned above. 

Prayers for Our Past, Present, and Future:

These past weekends, we experienced a beautiful and magical purification lodge build and ceremonies with our devoted volunteers and for the Puerto Rican Moon Dancers. Your prayers have been such a blessing to us as we have navigated these challenging times. We have been able to accomplish so much all because of you! A special shoutout for all of your support on and off the land: Yeny, Chris, Achilles, Olga, Tiffany, Jackie, Rita, Gabrielle, Edgardo, Rae, Michael, Nicky, Kunante, Madeline, Luna, Roman, Gabe, James, and Juan; and a special shoutout to Taino Woods Mama Mildred! 

As we are expanding our vision in our hearts, minds, and on the land, we humbly seek your monetary support. The equipment needed to support the land for visitors in the weeks ahead as well as the internal changes of Taino Woods are what your kind and generous donations will be going towards. Please see our goals and mission on our GoFundMe page: Taino Woods Rising

We appreciate and adore each and everyone of you.

Seneko Kakona iTaino
“Many Blessings Family”