Taino Woods Update – November 2023

Beloved Taíno Woods Sanctuary Community, 

Embracing Gratitude and Healing:
As we gather together in this season of gratitude and reflection, it’s important to acknowledge the complexity of the Thanksgiving holiday from an indigenous perspective. For many indigenous people, Thanksgiving carries profound historical and emotional significance. It marks colonization, the dispossession of lands and cultures, and the suffering endured.

It’s a complex day, one that carries both pain and hope, and it’s important that we understand and honor its deeper meanings.

For many indigenous people, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning; and within this complex history, there is a path to healing and gratitude. 

Perhaps the most powerful lesson we can draw from this is the practice of forgiveness. By forgiving and healing, we free our lineages from the wounds of the past and move towards unity and reconciliation.

In our sanctuary, we create a space where healing can flourish, and unity can thrive. As we gather in gratitude, let’s hold space for these diverse perspectives. Let’s learn, heal, and grow together, forging a future built on understanding and respect.

Prayer and Gathering

  • Saturday November 25th: Gratitude and Gathering Guanara Lodge
    • Traditional prayers and songs are an essential part of indigenous ceremonies, connecting us with the Land and our ancestors. Bring your drum and your voice as we send our songs to the skies, celebrating these rich traditions. To show gratitude for the Atabeyra’s abundance, consider offering a flower, fruit, or a pouch with corn, black beans, cassava, and green squash.
      • RSVP by Wednesday November 22nd
  • Sunday December 31st: New Year’s Eve Sweat Lodge Ceremony
    • On New Year’s Eve, join us as we light the fire at 6 PM and partake in a sweat lodge ceremony that ends at midnight. It’s a beautiful way to reflect, cleanse, and welcome 2024 with renewed energy.
      • Stay tuned for more details and early registration information. Let’s step into the new year with grace and intention.

Volunteer Weekends: 
Nurture Our Sanctuary Together In the spirit of unity and service, we invite you to join us on our Volunteer Weekends. These gatherings offer an opportunity to engage in essential tasks that sustain our sacred sanctuary.

  • Mark Your Calendars:
    • November 4-5
    • November 11-12 
      • 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Why Volunteer: Our sanctuary is more than a place; it’s a community bound by faith, compassion, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Volunteering is a powerful way to translate these beliefs into action. By giving back through your time, skills, and energy, you contribute to the growth and well-being of our Taíno Woods Sanctuary family. Each act of service, whether big or small, helps us build a stronger, more connected community.

Embrace the Cold: Dress appropriately with underbody armor and layers. Exposing your body to varying temperatures like the cold and heat promotes holistic well-being. The best part? Staying active in the cold keeps you warm and ward off illness.

Join the Conversation: Connect with fellow volunteers on Tainowoods.com. Visit the dashboard for quick access to our FAQs for volunteers and the volunteer sign-up page. For further inquiries, feel free to email us at Volunteer@tainowoods.com. And be sure to check out our Volunteers Group Page! 

Getting Started: Join the Taino Woods Sanctuary Family

Picture stepping into a welcoming haven where kindred spirits unite with a shared purpose – a place where unity, exploration, and growth are the guiding stars. Whether you’re searching for a tribe that resonates with your journey of healing or longing to become part of a vibrant collective, this is your calling.

Your Path to Membership is Simple:

  • Begin Your Journey: Visit www.tainowoods.com and set sail by clicking “Become A Member.”
  • Choose Your Path: Navigate between two options. Choose the “Community Guest” level for complimentary access, offering glimpses of our online resources. Or, opt for the enriched “Community Member” experience, granting you access to our trove of digital resources, including exclusive groups, grand events, special discounts, and our very own social media platform – Taino Social.
  • Decide Your Contribution: Decide how you’d like to contribute, knowing you’re planting seeds that nurture our sanctuary’s growth.
  • Share Your Story: Create your unique digital profile. Here, you can tell your fellow community members about your journey, your dreams, and your aspirations.

Ready to join the Taino Woods Sanctuary family? Visit www.tainowoods.com and become a member today.

With heartfelt thanks for being a part of our cherished community, we look forward to the adventures that lie ahead. Until next month, be well, be kind, and be one with the spirit of Taino Woods.

Seneko Kakona, 

Taino Woods Sanctuary