Taino Woods Update – October 2023

Asaka’ni’no’ (Ah-sah-kah-nee-noh),


Embracing Autumn’s Dance of Release
As the vibrant energy of summer gradually surrenders to the gentle whispers of autumn, we find ourselves mirroring the dance of nature. Like trees shedding their leaves to prepare for the coming winter, this season invites us to release and let go of what no longer serves us.

So, let’s join hands with the ever-turning wheel of the year, and together, embark on this journey through the transformative energies of autumn.

Sacred Celebrations: Embrace the Spirit of Unity and Renewal
As the leaves don their magnificent autumn hues, we stand in awe of nature’s ever-changing tapestry. This season, we honor the timeless traditions that bind us, even as we welcome new beginnings. Despite the challenges that may arise, our commitment to these sacred ceremonies remains unwavering. Join us as we embark on a journey of unity, transformation, and renewal.

  • Saturday, October 7th – Sunday, October 8th: Fall Equinox Danza with Behike Miguel Sague
    • Prepare to dive deep into the mystical energies of the Fall Equinox, guided by the venerable Behike Miguel Sague Jr. This sacred Long Dance, spanning from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening, begins with the lighting of a hallowed fire. Dancers and drummers will alternate, creating an unbroken flow of dance and rhythm around the sacred flames. This dance is not just a physical act; it’s a profound communal prayer dedicated to a purpose declared at its outset. The intensity of this ceremony calls for unwavering meditative focus from all participants.
  • Miguel is on his way, and we invite all our tekina’s to come and sing their prayers to Yaya Guaraturey, honoring the creator. Learn more about Behike Miguel Sague here.
    • We still have a few spots open! Register today!
  • Saturday, October 14th: Libra New Moon: Setting New Intentions Guanara Lodge
    • The Libra New Moon invites us to a time of reflection, intention-setting, and fresh beginnings. Join us as we harness the power of this celestial event during the Fall Equinox to cast our gaze toward the future and the limitless possibilities it holds. You may find a heightened need for balance and harmony during this time.
  • As a special offering to our community, @Ivey Perez will conduct a Breathwork Workshop between 9am and 11am while the ancestor stones cook in the fire. 
  • Are you curious about reducing stress, deepening your self-connection, and exploring mindfulness? This breathwork experience is designed for you. It invites greater energy, clarity, focus, resilience, presence, and peace into your life. Breathwork illuminates mental and emotional shadows, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and others.Learn more about the facilitator, Ivey @BrickCityBreathes.
  • Registration for the Lodge, which includes the Breathwork Workshop, Ends: Wednesday, October 11th
  • Saturday, October 21st: Men’s Circle Sweat Lodge
    • This sweat is in conjunction with a men’s circle led by Ariel. In this sacred space, you’ll encounter the warrior’s strength, the protector’s shield, the nurturer’s compassion, the healer’s gentle touch, the dancer’s grace, the mystic’s wisdom, and so much more. It’s an opportunity to embrace the full spectrum of masculine energies, harmonizing them with the inherent feminine qualities that dwell within us. As we gather under the sheltering embrace of our community, we create a space for transformation. This journey not only balances our inner energies but also propels us towards becoming fully realized human beings.
      • Registration Ends: Wednesday, October 18th
  • Saturday November 25th: Gemini Full Moon Guanara Lodge: Let’s Embrace Change
    • As we come together under the illuminating Full Moon in Gemini, we’ll receive the seeds we planted during the Taurus Moon earlier in the month. Winter is approaching, and the Moon in Gemini inspires changes and spontaneity.
      • Registration Ends: Wednesday November 22nd

For these events, please remember to register by the mentioned deadlines via our website: Taino Woods Sanctuary. Be sure to check your inboxes with a confirmation email from one of our team members! Those interested in purification teachings or seeking details about overnight accommodations can also contact us at events@tainowoods.com.

Nurture Taino Woods: Join Our Volunteer Program
The vibrant pulse of Taino Woods Sanctuary thrives on collaboration, and we extend a warm invitation to you to join us in tending to our sacred space. Our Volunteer Program offers a unique opportunity for active contributions to the well-being of our cherished sanctuary.

Upcoming Giving and Receiving Stewardship Workshops
Our Giving and Receiving Stewardship Workshops open the door for you to make a tangible impact. 

  • Save These Dates:
    • October 28-29
    • November 4-5
    • November 11-12 
      • 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Highlights of the Workshops:

  • Enhance the Gardens: Contribute to wood chipping, composting, and nurturing our lush green spaces.
  • Preparing for Winter: Assist in closing the land for winter, storing equipment and tents, finalizing the garden, and ensuring the laundry blankets are ready.

Unlock Valuable Benefits:

  • Weekend Warriors: Engage in the entire weekend of workshops to enjoy a complimentary overnight stay and a rejuvenating one-hour Reiki session.
  • Double Your Impact: Participate in two consecutive workshop weekends to qualify for future plant medicine ceremonies.

How to Get Involved:
Schedule your volunteer time by clicking the “Join the Tribe” button under the Taino Woods tab on our website: tainowoods.com. You may also reach out to us directly at volunteer@tainowoods.com with your availability.

Do you feel the call for a more enduring connection? Explore the possibility of becoming one of our Team Members. Express your interest by sending an email to tainowoodsny@gmail.com.

Echoes of Unity: Explore the Tekina Drumming Experience
Discover the soul-stirring power of rhythm, music, and community within Taino Woods Sanctuary by joining our Tekina Drumming and Song Group.

Why Join Tekina:

  • Connect and Express: Join a like-minded community passionate about music and unity.
  • Learn and Grow: Whether a seasoned musician or beginner, there’s room to expand your musical skills.
  • Heal and Rejuvenate: Experience mental and spiritual healing through drumming and song.
  • Contribute to Events: Add your enchanting melodies to our ceremonies and gatherings, becoming an integral part of our community; like our upcoming Fall Danza!

How to Join:

  • Visit Our Website: Go to tainowoods.com and find the Tekina Drumming/Song Group under “Taíno Social”, “Groups.”
  • Express Interest: Click “Request Access” to notify our Tekina leads. They’ll provide details and connect you.
  • The Rhythms Await: Join us in-person on the Land during the Giving and Receiving Stewardship Workshops (10/28, 10/29, 11/4, 11/5, 11/11, 11/12, and 11/18 at sundown). We need a commitment of at least 4 drummers minimum to meet.

Feel the thrill of connecting with fellow musicians, expressing your soul through rhythm, and contributing to the harmonious shared prayer spirit of Taino Woods Sanctuary.

Embark on a Journey Together: Join the Taino Woods Sanctuary Family
Step into a haven of shared purpose, where individuals come together in the spirit of unity, exploration, and growth. Whether you’re seeking a tribe that resonates with your healing journey or yearning to be part of a vibrant collective, this is your call.

Here’s your simple roadmap to membership:

  • Embark Online: Head to www.tainowoods.com and find your anchor at the “Become A Member”.
  • Plot Your Course: Navigate between the Community Guest (complimentary, with glimpses of our online treasure) or set toward the enriched Community Member (a passage that unveils all digital resources, from exclusive groups and grand events to special discounts and our very own social media, Taino Social).
  • Treasure Trove: Choose how you wish to contribute.
  • Plant Your Seeds: Craft your unique digital profile, letting fellow community members know of your tales and aspirations.

With Gratitude, We Honor Our Exceptional Volunteers!

  • A Harmonious Thank You: Our hearts resound with gratitude, reaching out to the extraordinary individuals who have generously offered their time and energy to support Taino Woods Sanctuary in the past months. Your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on our sacred Land and the flourishing community.
  • A Symphony of Unity: The progress we’ve made stands as a testament to the boundless power of community and our collective vision to nurture a sanctuary open to all. Through your selfless contributions, we’ve achieved more than we ever dreamed possible.
  • Celebrating Our Volunteers: We extend a special shoutout and heartfelt thanks to these exceptional souls who heeded the call to action and became indispensable members of our journey: Nate, Cai, Jessenia, Daysi, Janiris,  and Marsh.

Your commitment to our cause echoes through the rhythms of our Land, and we deeply appreciate the harmonious notes you’ve added to our melody. Thank you for being the heartbeats of Taino Woods Sanctuary.

Aneya Baura Dan (Ah-neh-yah Bah-oo-rah Dahn),
[Until Next Time!]