Taino Woods Update – October 2021

Dearest Familia, 

The Autumn Equinox is upon us; and with it we take stock, appreciate our gifts, reflect upon where we have been, and prepare for the introspection that the cooler seasons will bring. Autumn is quickly transforming the land as quickly as it is transforming us.

Taino Woods has been going through some changes just as Nature’s foliage. We are currently working through some legal challenges that have caused a significant impact on us both financially and structurally. 

A Call for Help:

As Autumn reminds us of how quickly Winter will follow, we would greatly appreciate your help on the land. Our Volunteers Weekends are: Friday 10/8 through Sunday 10/10 and Friday 10/15 through Sunday 10/17. The tasks we need assistance on include: splitting wood for winter and ceremonies, dissembling two bell tents as well as the kitchen, insulating the Maloca, and laying stones and tree bark for the walkway to the River. Any hour of your time could help us to relieve the pressure of our current predicament. 

This Month: 

On Saturday October 30th, Taino Woods will be hosting a sweat lodge ceremony. Our intention for this gathering is to bring strength and comradery in our community, and to visualize our future on the land and together with you. If you are interested in attending this ceremony, please email us at: tainowoodsny@gmail.com. We would love to have you, and heal alongside you. 

We are no longer accepting campsite bookings. We will let you know when Taino Woods will be open again to camping.

A Moment of Gratitude:

Thank you, familia, for all of your support and generosity. You, each one of YOU, have helped us to transform Taino Woods from a thought and a dream into this magical and special reality. You are the reason Taino Woods stands proudly; you are the reason Taino Woods can provide a unique and transformative space of healing for people near and dear, and from afar. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. 

You will hear from us soon. We will miss you in the meantime. 

Han hankatu.